Josephine's Story

My name is Josephine Dhokhole, am a Rendile lady.  Am married and blessed with four children. I had an accident and I got injured on my right hand.   I came across a workmate stitching an art and I was interested in what she was doing,she was willing to teach me and she gave me one piece to try.  The money I got from CSI has helped me financially support my family and also the widows from my village.   Cross stitching has been my therapy!  I healed even faster.

Linet's Story

My Name Linet Dihanga, 27 year old from Nairobi.    I am married to Nicholas. I am a housewife.  My husband would come home and find me doing cross-stitch and he got very interested.  Nicholas learned how to cross-stitch and together we have done a total of seven pieces.  This has empowered me and I am now running my own business of selling juice

Lilian's Story

My name is Lillian, 27 years, a third year student at Kenya Institute of Management. I learnt cross stitching through one of Her Excellency’s staff members.  I have stitched 15 patterns.  My first pattern took me one month but now I have become an expert and can take one week depending on the pattern. It has helped me to pay my college fees.  I am proud to be a cross stitcher!

Celestine's Story

My name is Celestine, 43 years old, from Nandi County, Kabiyet village.  I am married and blessed with five children.  One day I visited a friend ;Teacher Milcah and I found her stitching something.  It looked very interesting and I asked her to teach me.  I have done 5 pieces and this has helped me to clear the school fees for my children. I have also bought a cow.  I am proud of cross stitching because I can earn an income like an employed person.  I am happy and appreciate how CSI has changed my life.

Lameck's Story

My name is Lameck and I am a student at Mount Kenya University (Eldoret Campus), taking Bachelor of Education and Arts.  I was introduced to cross stitch project by one of the group leaders of a cross stich group and decided to try it.  Because of my passion and interest I have been able to assist my parents to raise pay my college fees.  I have also been able to meet my basic needs.  It has kept me busy and out of trouble.  I appreciate the Founder of the project because it has really changed my life and I would encourage the youth to cross stitch.

Anne's Story

My name is Anne Burunji.  I am a mother of three boys and one girl. I come from Uganda.  I am serving a life sentence at Lang’ata Women’s Prison.  I have been in prison for 8 years.  I learnt about cross stitch here in prison, when H.E. Madam Rachel explained to us how it works.  She showed us her first piece and I was very excited.  I have now stitched 3 pieces. Cross stitching has brought us together regardless of nationality and tribe. With my first payment I bought a birthday cake for myself since I do not have many visitors.

Amina's Story

My name is Amina Mwange from Mombasa.  I have been sentenced at Lang’ata  Women’s Prison for 5 years for terrorism. I am very excited about cross stitch.  After we finish our daily chores we get together with other women and stitch, this takes away the daily stress.  When I go back to my room in the evening, I sleep like a baby.  Stress free..

Felistus's Story

My name is Felistus, I work at Lang’ata Maximum Women’s Prison. I learnt how to cross stitch when Her Excellency came to teach our clients.  I have been able to stitch and earn extra income.  Sometimes I get carried away while cross stitching and find myself sleeping at 3am.  I am forever grateful to CSI.

Karen's Story

My name is Karen and I am a Security Guard at the Deputy Presidents residence. I got inspired by seeing the work and learnt how to stitch.I have been able to get extra money from cross stitching.I am very happy for this project. Thank you, Your Excellency.

Janet's Story

My name is Janet. I am 26 years old. I love flowers and selected this design to cross stitch. I was unemployed at the time after completing my “O” levels . Stitching my first pattern took me only three weeks. I am earning an income from cross stitch.

Norah's Story

My name is Norah. I am a Prison warden’s wife in Eldoret prison . I saw the clients stitching and I decided to learn how to cross stitch along with the inmates. I have been able to educate my children and pay off loans with the proceeds.

Mukami's Story

My name is Mukami and I am a househelp in Nairobi. I  have stitched several pieces and have been able to build a house for my  parents at home.

Clara's Story

My name is Clara. My son wants to buy a car when he grows up. This led me to select the pattern of the car (Ferrari ) pattern which I then stitched with him. We are happy for the money we have been paid from cross stitch.

Salome's Story

My name is Salome Tuwei, a 32-year-old married mother of two. I am the chairlady of a women’s group I founded in Moiben Constituency in Uasin Gishu and we cross stitch together in this group. Since its inception in December 2016, I’ve worked on several cross stitch patterns that enabled me to buy two pieces of land, rebuild and furnish my family home and purchase farm animals. Soon, I am going into business with the money that I will earn. My heart is full of gratitude to Mama Rachel for empowering me. My life has never been the same.

Alice's Story

My name is Alice and I am a single mother of a five month old baby girl. Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project moved me from a place where I counted on casual labor jobs to make ends meet to a place where I could earn money from the comfort of my home. Since joining the project, I’ve been able to rent land and plant maize that I sold at a profit as well as go into commercial chicken rearing and bought farm animals. I’m thankful to Mama Rachel for lifting me.

Hyline's Story

My name is Hyline, the chair lady of a women’s group in in Uasin Gishu. We came together to participate in Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project having seen how financially and socially empowering it is. Since I joined it, my four children have never had to stay out of school due to fee issues as well as improved my home situation. We are now leading comfortable lives. Mama Rachel, thank you very much and we pray that these cross stitch patterns continue finding their way to many women’s homes. We’re not sleeping; we are working because of your desire to help Kenyan women. We thank God for you.

Dorcas' Story

My name is Dorcas, a married mother of three. I began cross stitching in 2017 as a member of the Plateau Women’s group and since then, life in my home has never been the same. Mama Rachel’s project financially empowered and I have built my family home. My children’s education was also secured because of Her Excellency. My heartfelt thanks go to Mama Rachel .

Lorna's Story

My name is Lorna , a former early child development teacher . I joined Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project almost immediately after quitting my job as a teacher due to a hostile working environment. Through the project, I was able to keep my four children in school, I fenced my family home so my children now live in a secure home and I was able to pipe water into my compound in an area where we dealt with water scarcity. May God abundantly bless the work of Mama Rachel’s hands for thinking of such a unique women empowerment project.

Clara's Story

My name is Clara , a 62-year-old mother of four .I began cross stitching in Mama Rachel’s project in December 2016 and since then, I’ve worked on several patterns whose earnings enabled me to pay fees for a child in university as well as go into farming.. I’m very grateful to Mama Rachel and I pray she continues coming up with women empowerment projects like she did with Cross Stitch International.

Dinah's Story

My name is Dinah . I am a 43-year-old widow left with five children. Following the demise of my husband, my family went through a period of abject poverty .I also went through cruel employment as a domestic manager but upon discovery and participating in Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project, I’ve been able to provide for my children. I could end up crying trying to find the words to thank Mama Rachel for all the help she accorded my family through her cross stitch project. God bless her so much.

Elseba's Story

My name is Elseba and I am 60-years-old. I’m very pleased that in my old age, Mama Rachel’s project empowered me to go into businesses with plans to go into commercial horticultural farming. My husband expressed pleasure in my participation would sometimes sit with me for moral support as I worked or he would go and do my chores for me so that I could focus on the pattern. I’m very grateful to Mama Rachel for giving my golden years purpose.

Evarlyne's Story

My name is Evarlyne  and I’m a married mother of five. I went from being a bored housewife to a woman who was able to build and refurbish her family home and pay school fees for my children. These days, when a mother pays fees for her child, it is very good and different from the norms of society where men are the breadwinners. My husband is even happier when such a situation occurs! May God help and protect Mama Rachel for the way she remembered us.

Gladys' Story

My name is Gladys  and I am 43-year-old single mother of a 16-year-old boy in Form Three. My son and I ended up becoming a team because of Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project. I was able to give him educational security as well as provide him with basic needs following years of struggling to make ends meet. I am very thankful to Mama Rachel. I pray God helps her and that He opens up new ways for her to continue empowering women in the country.

Lydia's Story

My name is Lydia , a married mother of four. Prior to the year 2017, I was neck deep in debts with several SMEs.  I was a casual laborer and we could not make ends meet so we took to borrowing from these companies. It got to a point where we could not breathe because our lenders came calling. In 2017, I was then introduced to Mama Rachel’s project where I was able to earn an income that allowed me to pay off all those debts.

Sarah's Story

My name is Sarah . My family and I used to live in a grass-thatched house that would leak during rainy seasons and my husband and I struggled to earn every coin we spent. In 2016, I learnt of Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project and with my first earnings, I immediately replaced our home’s roofing. Mama has done well to remember women suffering in the rural areas. Our homes are changing because of her. God bless her.

Millie's Story

My name is Millie Tabby, a recovering alcoholic at the Haven Rehab Center in Uasin Gishu. Mama Rachel’s representatives brought us cross stitch patterns to work on as part of our therapy and I am so glad they made the effort. I worked on several patterns and when I receive the money from our Directors upon my exit, I intend to go and pick my baby from the children’s home and celebrate his life for a change. God bless you Mama Rachel for making my rehabilitation easier.

Rachel's Story

My name is Rachel Wangeci, a recovering alcoholic who recently left the Haven Rehab Center in Uasin Gishu. Mama Rachel’s representatives brought us patterns to be used as part of our therapy and by the grace of God, I was able to go through the program without relapsing. I’d like to tell Mama Rachel that her project has really helped me and I admire her so much. I have testimonies of how I held on and found strength because of the time I spent cross stitching thinking about life. God bless you so much Mama Rachel.

Carol's Story

My name is Carol Shiku, a 39-year-old mother of two serving life in prison for theft and kidnapping that ended in negligent death.  I joined Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project as a means of earning some money for my children but it ended up being therapy for me. I made peace with my past and went ahead to study theology in prison and went on to get saved because of the impact of Cross Stitch International in my life. Mama Rachel is my role model. May God bless her abundantly because she’s helped us so much.

Elizabeth's Story

My name is Elizabeth Wangui, a married mother of two serving a 30 year sentence at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison . Upon my incarceration, I was fortunate to be part of Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project that financially empowered me to provide for my children and aging parents who took on the burden of raising my children. I’d never thought I’d be able to survive in prison let alone earn more money than I ever did as a free woman. It was God who gave Her Excellency this idea.

Irene's Story

My name is Irene Chebet, a 37-year-old mother of two serving a life sentence at Lang’ata Women’s Prison for the manslaughter. I joined Mama Rachel’s cross stitch project where I was able to earn money for my children and parents back at home in West Pokot. I never imagined I would still be able to provide for my children while in prison but thank God Mama Rachel made it possible for me.

Mercy's Story

My name is Mercy Waithera and I’m serving a four year sentence in prison for being in possession of ammunition. I came into Lang’ata women’s distressed because I was leaving behind my child and younger sister to fend for themselves. When Mama Rachel’s representatives introduced the project in the prison, I am able to provide for my child them without having to depend on anyone. I am very grateful to Mum Ruto  because not many people can do such a thing for people like she’s doing here in prison.

Rosemary's Story

My name is Rosemary Irusa, a separated 47-year-old mother of two. I left my marriage due to domestic violence and was fortunate to find work as the domestic manager to Mama Rachel Ruto’s Private Secretary in Nairobi County. She introduced me to Her Excellency’s project in 2016 and since I began cross stitching been able to provide for my children and found peace of mind following the end of my tragic marriage. I am very grateful to Mama Rachel because my family’s lives changed.