Lion CSI (A) 2010


Finished Size
24″ x 18″

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My name is Rahab Wambui Keranga, I am a person living with disabilities in Gatundu town. I acquired the disability as a result of polio when I was one year old and I was paralyzed from the hip downward. I’ve used assistive devises since then. I am the group leader of a cross stitching group we formed in the area. I’ve been in the cross stitch project for about two years now and I’ve worked on several patterns. My fifth pattern is this lion on a tree that took me about a month and 30 threads to complete. When I compare my life to before I started cross stitching, I always worried about raising money for my business and how to support my son’s education in university. Since enrolling with cross stitch my business is flourishing and I can support my son easily. I was paid for work done and I used the money as capital for my rice-selling business. I started with two bags a month and now I’m up to 10 bags. My hope for the future is to ensure a good life for my two kids despite them being adults now. I’m humbled by what Mama Rachel is doing for the vulnerable in the society and I continue praying for her.Eunice Isabwa