Elephants CSI A 2008


Finished Size
44.5cm x 100.4cm

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My name is Alice Njoki Kinyanjui, I am a woman living with disabilities in Gatundu town and I worked on this cross stitch pattern with the elephants on it. It took me six weeks to complete this piece. As I stitched, I was less stressed because my mind was always focused on the cross stitching work. This project has given me financial breakthrough since my income is less than my expenses. As a person living with disability, it means the world to me because when I have no other work- I can’t do manual labor work- I but now I can rest at home and keep busy with this pattern and earn a living. I am so proud to show off my work. I saved the money I was paid for this piece because I intend to open an M-Pesa mobile money transfer kiosk business. I’m grateful to Mama Rachel for empowering me and giving me an opportunity to be a productive member of society and fulfill my dream of being an employer someday. May God continue to bless the work of my hands.

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