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My name is Peninah Mwongo, I am a 43-year-old single mother of one. I joined the cross-stitch project in 2017 and since then, I’ve worked on quite a number of patterns. With the money I was paid, I was able to take care of my own needs as well as see to the progress of my court proceedings after paying for a lawyer. With the rest, I was able to send home for my child’s needs as well as pay for my medical fees here in prison. This project has changed me. It turned me into a busy, industrious person who continues to have fulfilled days and nights because of the work I do with Mama Rachel. I no longer have time to worry about my circumstances or my future because I chose to remain positive and hard working in this project. I’m very thankful to Mama Rachel for remembering women in prisons with her project because it is not normal. It isn’t easy to make an income while behind bars but she has made it easy for us to do so. Thank you so much and I pray your project expands to a point where millions of Kenyan women will benefit and empower themselves too.Peninah Mwongo