4 Oranges Wall Hanging – CSI1100


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44.5cm x 129.5cm

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My name is Dorcas Chemutai, I am a 24-year-old single mother of one. I joined the cross-stitch project in 2017 and the proceeds I received from the initiative went a long way in taking care of things in my home. I’ve used this money to pay for my child’s school fees because education is key and I am setting her up for greatness. I’m still young too but this project has taught me to be more focused on my work, be industrious in everything I do and spend time at home, doing productive work instead of hanging out with friends while the child is in school. Thank you so much Mama Rachel. You’ve really helped me because the money goes directly into my home and we no longer have such a huge financial burden. Because of this, I’ve now joined a local women’s table banking group where I save some of my cross-stitch money and at the end, I can borrow and be able to pay. That was never possible for me before. God bless you so muchDorcas Chemutai